Refund Your Ticket - Letape Indonesia by Tour de France



15-31 Agustus 2021: Pengajuan Refund
1-15 September 2021: Periode Verifikasi
16-30 September 2021: Proses Refund

Berikut adalah langkah-langkah untuk mengajukan refund:
1. Persiapkan nomor KTP/Passport untuk pengajuan refund.
2. Kunjungi
3. Pilih Opsi Refund
4. Isi nama lengkapmu.
5. Isi nomor identitasmu(KTP/Passport) pada saat mendaftar
6. Isi nomor rekening dan nama bank (pastikan semua informasinya benar).
7. Dana refund akan dipotong sebesar Rp. 100.000 untuk biaya administrasi.
8. Sudah selesai! Jika sukses, Anda akan mendapatkan email konfirmasi permintaan refund, silahkan cek secara berkala email Anda.

Pastikan untuk mengikuti semua langkah-langkah di atas dengan benar dan cek ulang semua informasi sebelum menyelesaikan formulir refund.


15-31 August 2021 : Refund Submission
1-15 September 2021: Verification Period
16-30 September 2021: Refund Process

These are the steps to submit your refund request:
1. Prepare your ID (KTP/Passport)
2. Head on to
3. Choose refund
4. Fill in your name.
5. Fill in your ID number when you registered
6. Fill in your bank details and account number (make sure all information is correct).
7. Your refund will be deducted Rp. 100.000 for administration fee.
8. You're done! If your request is approved, you will get a confirmation email. Please check your email periodically.
Make sure to follow the steps correctly and double check all your information before submitting the form.

Race Refunds L’Etape Indonesia by Tour de France 2021 Policy

We understand that your event entry fee is important to you and you would not want to lose your money. Therefore, we have created a withdrawals policy which allows us and you to be as flexible with your event entry as possible, without it affecting the event setup process.

If you are unable to attend L'Etape Indonesia by Tour de France 2021 or take up the credit then in light of the extraordinary circumstances, as per our terms and conditions in our contract we will be offering refunds minus a small 100.000 IDR admin fee.

The 100.000 IDR fee covers some, but ultimately not all of, a fee charged to us to refund, some unrecoverable event costs and staff time.

From the moment we begin to organise an event, we start to incur costs. Your entry fee is invested in the cost of staging the event – everything from risk assessments and safety measures, barriers to toilets, from printing to safety pins, from event numbers to marketing and the VAT man. Organising any event requires a considerable amount of forward planning, risk and expense. Our withdrawal policy reflects this and is as follows:

We aim to have everyone’s refunds with them by September 30th, 2021.

We offer what we believe is a clear and easy process for everyone and keeps administration to a minimum. We think it is a fair policy and hope you do too.